Marriage: 10 Things I Love About My Husband


Its a rainy Sunday afternoon, and normally my husband and I would be getting back from church and grocery shopping. But today, we are both sick and stayed home. Jon is working on homework, as he has a busy week of school ahead of him, and I am watching Despicable Me 2, while working on blogging and Usborne Books & More. Even though Jon and I are working on different things, I can’t help but love being around him and feeling thankful that I found him. So welcome to mushy gushy time. Here are 10 (out of millions) things that I love about my husband.

  1. He is tall, dark, and handsome.
  2. He is so silly and makes me laugh.
  3. He loves Jesus and makes great efforts to encourage me in my walk with the Lord.
  4. He is a hard worker. This shows up in so many different areas of his life.
  5. He is adventurous. Most of the travel and adventures that I share on my blog, happened because Jon got me out of the house.
  6. He is sacrificial and loving. Jon has shown me his unconditional love for me by taking care of me, even when it means giving up something he loves or doing something that he does not like.
  7. He is up for anything. He loves trying new things and is not afraid of looking cheesy or silly. He just wants to enjoy life.
  8. He is willing to work through hard times. Our first year of marriage was wonderful, but hard. All the change and new responsibilities were hard on me, and he was there every step of the way to help me through it.
  9. He is athletic. Although he is busy with school and has a bad knee, he is still an amazing basketball player. He loves to hike, exercise, and get outdoors.
  10. He is honest. I never have to question what he is saying (unless it is a joke or a harmless trick). I know that what he says is the whole truth, and that truly is priceless in a relationship.

{Me & Him, Him & Me}