Thoughts: Donkeys, Elephants, & Jesus


In a few days, our country will cast their votes and pick our next president! We will see people beaming with happiness as their candidate wins the victory, and others angry and saddened, calling for a recount. Some will be proclaiming that America will progress to be a better place now that their pick is in the office, and others will talk about flying to our northern neighbor, Canada, to find solace.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very passionate about and interested in politics. I fully admit, that I have a very difficult time understanding why “the other side” votes as they do. I would love to say that I am never angered or saddened by people’s political opinions. But the truth is, I do spend evenings ranting to my husband about this ethically wrong policy or that ignorant decision. I get upset and fiery about these issues. Don’t we all?

What I want to know though, is if this response is okay or not. Am I in the wrong because I should never disagree with someone? Am I in the wrong because I have strong convictions and core beliefs and am saddened when others are in opposition?  Am I in the wrong because some of my opinions or discussions may cause conflicts of opinion? No!

I am in the wrong when all I can think about is Donkeys and Elephants and forget about Christ.

When I worry more about politics, than thinking about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, everything is wrong. And I think that this manifests itself in many ways. Here are two:

{1} My words – Nowadays, “my words”, or your words, or a friend’s words, are often on the internet. They often come in the form of a quick comment, or reposting a meme or article. As much as we don’t want Facebook to define who we are, in the world we live in, most of our “friends” only know us in this way. I have had to think through this. Are my words on Facebook glorifying Christ, pointing to Him, and spreading his love more than they are ranting on the “other side”. If a non-believer read my original post, comment, or re-post, would I want them to know I am a Christian. Am I creating a bad name for Christ, because I am allowing my passion for politics to come before him, especially in my words or in social media? I hope not! I would much rather have the candidate I am rooting against and all my worst fears come true, than to dishonor Christ in attempts to get someone to sway to “my side”.

{2} My worry – When I spend less time reading my Bible and more time reading about how horrible the other candidate is, my level of worry sky rockets! What if they become president? What if they change these laws? What if this happens to our churches during their time in office? What if, what if, what if… What if, I remembered that our God is in control? And what if I focused on the fact that He is sovereign and already knows the outcome? What if I remembered that the end is already determined, and I don’t just mean this 2016 Presidential Election, but the end of all time?

I do believe that it is a good idea to discuss political views and candidates. We have the freedom to share our opinions and concerns. We should take advantage of our right and vote in a strategic way. But how we do this, is what matters the most. Are we acting and thinking with Christ at the forefront of our mind, or are we quick to click “re-post” while Trump or Hillary consume our thoughts?



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