Travel: Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend


Have you ever been to Lake Powell or Horseshoe Bend? Well if you are ever in Arizona or Utah, you need to go! This is Jon and I’s favorite trip since being married. There are so many things to do here.

{Why Lake Powell & Horseshoe Bend Are Worth The Visit}

  1. The views are beautiful! Anywhere you end up in the campsite, you have a view of the lake and the beautiful, huge rocks, backing it.
  2. The campsite is really nice. We stayed at Wahweap Campground. You don’t have to rough it here, if thats not your style. You can stay at the resort, camp in a trailer or RV, or camp in a tent. There are bathrooms nearby and you can even shower there. It is a very clean campsite.
  3. Horseshoe Bend is unique and close by. We went at sunset which was amazing, but it might be worth getting up to go at sunrise!
  4. There are so many different things to do! You can paddle board, jet ski, rent a house boat, swim, kayak, and more. Of course, there is Horseshoe Bend to visit also.
  5. The weather is awesome. We had hot sunny days which were perfect since we were in the water. And at night, there were distant thunder and lightning storms. 

{Tips For Camping At Lake Powell}

  1. Bring your own firewood. There is not a lot of wood lying around so you should definitely bring your own for a camp fire. All we could scrounge up were a few twigs.
  2. Bring a camera…everywhere! The whole area is beautiful.
  3. Bring a waterproof camera! I don’t have one and am so bummed I didn’t have it on our trip. The most exciting, unique, and picturesque part of our trip was when we were paddle boarding, so I did not get one picture of it!
  4. Bring something to create some shade. There are trees and bushes, but around the campsites, they do not provide any shade. And it gets really hot there!
  5. Watch out for red ants! We had a little hill in our campsite and Jon got bit on his foot. His foot really hurt afterwards. We saw some at the beach too.
  6. Visit in September. This is a safe month to go because it is still really hot and sunny, but not horribly hot. We heard that the heat is unbearable in the summer months.
  7. Visit Antelope Canyon. We didn’t get a chance due to time restraints, but we have heard it is amazing. So if you are already planning a trip here, make sure to fit that in. And don’t forget that you have to schedule a tour, so book it in advance! It fills up quickly.

Scroll through my pictures to find out why you should visit too!














Lake Powell






pretty view


Lake Powell




horseshoe bend

horseshoe bend


Horseshoe Bend


sunset at horseshoe bend






horseshoe bend

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