Travel: Slide Rock



Of all the places I have travelled to in AZ, Slide Rock is the one place that has seemed to be the most popular (aside from the Grand Canyon of course). In person, on Pinterest, and on other travel sites, I have seen a lot of hype about this place. Whenever Jon and I drive through Oak Creek Canyon, there are tons of cars parked along the road, and as we look down, the place looks like an amusement park due to the huge crowds. All this to say, we were pretty stoked when we got the chance to go with his brothers and a friend. It was a little less crowded as we were going on a weekday instead of the weekend, so it seemed like a perfect time to go! Except, I am sorry to say, Slide Rock is just not all its hyped up to be. We were very surprised that it turned out to be a less than exciting stop.

{The Cons & 1 Pro of Slide Rock}

  1. Slide Rock is one of the most crowded destinations in AZ.
  2. The water is very dirty as a result of all the visitors.
  3. The very thing that makes Slide Rock popular (a natural water slide in the creek) is not strong enough to actually push you down the rocks. You have to basically push yourself down the whole way.
  4. The place that you slide down is pretty short.
  5. It smells bad as there are bathrooms right next to where you would hang out and go in the water.
  6. Slide Rock has a wonderful view of the Canyon though! Although there are plenty of other places to take in similar views, I still got some great photos here.

I apologize for being so negative about this place, but if you are limited on time when visiting AZ, I would suggest going on some other hikes instead. A few places I like in this area are Beaver Creek, Lockett Meadow, the Lava Tube Cave, Oak Creek, and Fossil Creek. Don’t forget to keep checking in to see what other destinations you should visit! Despite our disappointment, I still got some fun and beautiful photos!

slide rock

slide rock



slide rock










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