Wedding Tip 002: Go Green

Baby's Breath


Weddings are a wonderful and beautiful event. But they can also be very pricy. When it comes to your wedding flowers, one way to cut costs is by going green. As you can see in my wedding photos, I did not go green. I did however go simple, which achieves the same effect.

When choosing your wedding flowers, there are so many beautiful and colorful choices. And chances are, the flowers you love the most will also be the flowers that cost the most. Here is my advice on how to get the flowers you want, for the best price.

  1. Go green! For decorations and centerpieces, weed out a lot of the cost of flowers by including greenery instead. It still looks beautiful and elegant and is actually very in right now. Just browse Pinterest!
  2. Go green or simplify! It is important to care for your bridesmaids and make sure they are thanked for making the effort to be in your wedding. You can still do this by saving money through the bridesmaids bouquets though. Consider using smaller bouquets, simple bouquets (like my baby’s breath ones), or bouquets that are mostly made up of greenery. This will save you money, still look amazing, and will not upset you bridesmaids in the slightest. They aren’t looking to save their bouquet forever.
  3. Be resourceful! Some of my decorations at my wedding were a few sprigs of lavender put in mason jars and placed around the reception. The lavender came from my aunt’s garden just down the street. So I got some of my flowers for free! Don’t be afraid to ask around or use some of the flowers from your own backyard.
  4. Be a minimalist! Although huge arrangements of flowers are hard to resist, you can still make gorgeous decorations and centerpieces using only a few flowers. Just take some time to look around and find out what flowers work well when standing alone.
  5. Splurge on your bouquet! Your bouquet will be the most photographed flowers at your wedding and there is a good chance you will keep it forever. It also will be in most of the photos with you and your beautiful and carefully picked dress. So get yourself a bunch of huge and colorful flowers!

Here are some of the flowers from my wedding day! Chloe Murdoch took all of our wedding photos and I am so thankful we picked her!

 bridal bouquet

wedding cake flowers


wedding decorations

bridesmaids flowers


wedding bouquet

ceremony flowers

purple bouquet


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