Resources: The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition


There are a lot of hot and current topics right now that cause a lot of controversy. The recent release of shocking Planned Parenthood videos, Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s sex change, Donald Trumps’s offensive comments. Life is busy so we don’t always get a chance to discuss these issues with those we respect and know are grounded in the truth. Instead, I am often left to scrolling through my Facebook homepage, saddened by those who hate the truth…and not sure if I should join in with those who post about the truth.

Speaking the truth in love. This matters to me. This is how I would like to discuss these issues. But I don’t always know enough about them or what the Bible says about them to feel prepared to discuss these issues.

A resource that I have found very helpful is The Gospel Coalition. I have read several articles about “hot topics” from a solid biblical perspective. Reading through these helps to jumpstart my thinking about these controversies with a biblical world view. They remind me about what matters most, the gospel, and how we live that out in the midst of these crazy times.

The Gospel Coalition also has other great articles, sermons, and books that help us to understand the Bible and how to apply it in our daily lives. I highly suggest that you explore their website.

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