Travel: Lockett Meadow

Travel: Lockett Meadow


After moving to Flagstaff, I shortly learned what my two favorite things were about the town. The fresh mountain air, and the abundant outdoors. Jon and I have so enjoyed finding all the amazing and unexpected places to explore in this area. Today, I will tell you about one of my favorites…Lockett Meadow!

Lockett Meadow is amazing in late September and early October. You can camp, hike, and explore the area with ease…once you get there. There is a windy dirt road with ditches and drop offs on the way up. If you want to see the meadow in all its glory, you have to go when everyone else is going…and that means a crazy drive awaits you. So bring a good car and a patient driver. Its worth it!

Once you get to the top, it is breath-taking. Golden aspens are everywhere, and in the distance the mountains gleam. You can camp overnight or just stay for the day. Jon and I hiked in, trying to make it into the inner basin before dark. When you look forward, all you see is unique white bark. When you look down, you are walking on a carpet of yellow leaves. And when you look up, you can barely see the blue sky through all the gold.

This beautiful hike takes you to the inner basin. Once you get there, when you look up, the mountains rise around you and you are surrounded with a beautiful forest of aspens.

My husband and I didn’t know about all of this when we went. We heard…Locket Meadow . We assumed you drove a little and were there. Not true. Here is what I learned about exploring Lockett Meadow the best way.

Leave for Lockett Meadow earlier in the day. This will give you time for the drive up the mountain and will also allow you to make it to the inner basin before its too cold and dark.

Bring a camera! You will want to be snapping shots the whole time.

Bring layers. It is really pretty to see the sunset on the colors of the trees, but it gets cold fast!

Bring a flashlight or headlamp. Once the sun sets, it gets dark quickly and you don’t want to get lost in the aspens. They aren’t quite as glorious when you can’t see them.

If you want to camp, it is first come, first serve. So if you can send someone from your group up early or on a not-so-popular night to hold a spot, you will have a chance to camp at peak season.

The last thing I learned…is that you need to go! My husband and I are already planning on camping there this Fall.

Here are a few photos of God’s beautiful and changing creation! Aspens











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