Travel: Kansas City

Travel: Kansas City


I recently was in Kansas City for a dear friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and such a blessing to catch up with some great friends that I had not seen in a long time. Jon and I took time to explore the city for a few extra days afterward, and I loved it. I am not a fan of big cities, but Kansas City had a charm to it, and was not crowded at all. And how can you resist all the brick buildings! It really is a friendly and fun city to visit.

If you can make it to Kansas City sometime, here are some places you should make sure to explore:

The Kansas City Library. I did not even go inside, but the giant books on the outside make it the best library I have been to.

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. This use to be known as Oklahoma Joe’s. Kansas City is known for good BBQ, and although there is always a line, this place is worth the wait.

The West Bottoms. This basically looks like a couple blocks of abandoned buildings. But there are some antique shops throughout. It is the best place to take pictures of brick buildings and unique doors.

The Plaza. Its a great place to shop, eat, and drink coffee. And it has a beautiful fountain.

Antique Shops. Just drive around Kansas City and stop in any antique shop. I explored a three-story one and would have taken some goodies home if I did not have to stuff them into a suitcase.

The Farmer’s Market. Sadly, we did not make it, but I hear they have a great one downtown.

Union Station. It is a quick and picturesque stop.

WWI Memorial & Museum. The memorial is beautiful and huge. We didn’t make it to the museum, but our friends did and said it was very educational.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This is free museum with a beautiful lawn. It is famous for its giant birdies.

Frozen Custard. You can get this in several different places, but make sure you have some. It is amazing!

Here are some photos!


{chandelier at the wedding}

brick walls

{best date a girl could ask for}

the girls

{I love and miss these girls}



coffee date

{catching up with dear Anna}

Union Station

{Union Station}


{exploring together}

WWI Memorial

{WWI Memorial}


{enhancing the fountain}

Oklahoma Joe's

{Kansas City BBQ}


{long & hot wait}


{yummy BBQ sauces}

Kansas BBQ

{we finally got our food}

West Bottoms

{West Bottoms}


brick buildings

Antique Shop



Flea Market


abandoned building


{together forever}




{love the views}

Kansas City Library

{the library}


{Nelson-Atkins Museum}


{the giant birdie}


{can you find him?}

The Thinker

{quite the resemblance}


{peaceful plaza}


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