Travel: Montana

Travel_ Montana

This summer my husband and I spent a week in Montana with his family. We’ve been together for almost four years now, and all I have heard about is how fun and beautiful Seeley Lake, MT is. I finally made it up there, and he was right!

I learned that exploring a different lifestyle is refreshing, interesting, and causes me to be thankful

I learned that God’s creation is amazing, from the little details to the big ones

I learned that it is always a good and healthy idea to spend more time outside

I learned that it is wise and exciting to try new things

Here is a little taste of that different lifestyle, beauty, time outside, and trying new things…

Wild Flowers

{wildflowers are everywhere}


{view of the barn}

baby cow

{just a baby}


{all I want}


{paddle boarding}




{worth the visit}

Blackfoot River

{Blackfoot River}


{sunset at the pond}


{learning about machines}

cow milk

{I milked the cow}


{lily pads & flowers}

water fall

{Morrell Falls}


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