Travel: Mohave Lake

Mohave Lake



My husband is an adventurer through and through. He likes jumping off high cliffs into the water and exploring any possible place he can get to. Jon had the opportunity to fish with a friend at Mohave Lake in AZ. He loved it and had a lot to share about it … so I wanted to share why you should go too!

  1. It is always a good idea to travel to new places, so why not go here?
  2. The contrast of the large, blue lake to the surrounding dry desert terrain is stunning.
  3. You can drive the boat up to several private beaches and soak up the sun.
  4. The water is so clear that you can see at least thirty feet down into it.
  5. Even if you are not an experienced fisher, you can catch lots of Bass, and maybe even a Catfish too!
  6. There are plenty of places to cliff jump into the water for all you thrill seekers out there.
  7. The water is warm. So you can just jump in and relax. No catching your breathe from the cold shock!
  8. The lake is huge (41.41 miles squared to be exact) so it is easy to find your own quiet stretch of water and have ample room to cruise around.
  9. It is ideal for non-boating activities as well. Paddle boarding, kayaking, and jet skiing are perfect for this lake.

Here are some of the photos Jon took of his trip to Mohave Lake. Enjoy!










Travel: The White Mountains

The White Mountains



My husband went on an all guy’s camping trip this last weekend. He went to the White Mountains in Arizona. He had a great time even though there was quite a bit of rain. I asked him to take pictures to document some fun memories. Little did I know that he would get some amazing photos!

I learned that it is important to let your husband have some fun and get away with some great guy friends. This is important for them. It allows them to catch a break, go on an adventure, breathe in the great outdoors, and get some man time. Although they love spending time with their wives, they need some time to do manly stuff on their own.


The White Mountains



















{Funny Camping Story}

Throughout the campsite, several cows were roaming around freely. This was no problem for the guys, and it actually provided a great photo op. In the middle of the night, when all the guys were snoring away, the cows decided to get a little mischevious. Our friend Kyle awoke to some clattering in the campsite. He stumbled outside his tent and discovered the problem. One of the cows was eating some of the meat they had cooked that day and in the process had knocked most of their supplies off the table. Thankfully, it was easy to shoo the cow off, but the meat was ruined and the campsite was left in a jumble.

Wedding Tip 003: Meaningful Decor

wedding cake topper


When deciding on decorations for your wedding reception, there are endless options to choose from. It was very difficult to narrow down exactly what I wanted in my barn reception. By the wedding day, I had successfully weeded through all the options and was happy with all my choices of gold, white, and lavender. When I look back now though, a few decorations consistently stand out as my absolute favorites. And they happen to have a certain thing in common: they are all meaningful to me in a personal way.

Using personal and meaningful decorations is a great choice for your wedding day. They can still be just as beautiful and cute as other random decorations, but they have much more significance, which is fitting for such a significant day. Personal touches usually provide a bit of entertainment for the guests too. Instead of just glancing at a cute welcome sign, they will take the time to read through your love story and say “awww!” at the especially exciting milestones. Check out these meaningful decorations below and find out why I loved them. Feel free to use them at your wedding and send me a pic!

{Our Love Story Board}

My very talented friend Ariel created most of the beautiful signs at our wedding. Thank you Ariel! My favorite one though, that is now hanging up above the fireplace in our apartment, was our love story board. My husband and I have always been big on milestones in our relationship and like to use them as excuses to celebrate. We wanted our close friends and family to celebrate these milestones with us, at our biggest milestone yet. Plus, it is a fun way to let your guests know about your own beautiful and unique love story.

Wedding Sign

Wedding Sign

{Cake Topper & Family Photos & Banner}

I am blessed to be very close with my family, and even more blessed that my parents and grandparents have set a beautiful example of marriage for me and are still married. My grandma Carol and my mom both used the same cake topper at their weddings. I decided to carry on the tradition and be the third generation to use it. When we cut the cake, our MC mentioned the significance of our topper. It was such a fun and personal way to connect with my parents and grandparents, and honor them and their strong marriages. To highlight this even more, on either side of my cake, I printed up pictures of my parents and grandparents cutting their cake. I now have a picture with three generations cutting their wedding cake with the same cake topper. This is so special to me! Lastly, I brought it together with my cake table backdrop. Strung across a wall of glittery ribbons, I hung a banner that said “generations of love”.

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{Family Wedding Table}

In order to honor and celebrate our families’ marriages, I set up a family wedding table. I framed wedding photos of our parents and grandparents. I also had all of our living grandparents write up an account of their love story and wedding day so I could frame and place them alongside their photographs. It was not just a beautiful table, but a personal way to rejoice with our families and uphold traditional marriage.

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{Photo Pallet}

Jon and I love documenting our relationship through photographs. We take selfies everywhere and I always make a photo book of our memories from the previous year. We wanted to share memories of our relationship with our guests, so we strung fun photos on a pallet. We used selfies, engagement photos, pictures of our adventures together, and our wedding invitation. My dear friend Carlyle designed our wedding invitations and our save the dates. Thank you Carlyle! There are so many fun and different ways to display your photos, so I suggest going with something simple and easy.

wedding photo display

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{Wedding Program}

So our wedding program was not exactly a decoration, but it did look beautiful. And most importantly, it had a personal touch. On the back of our wedding program, Jon and I wrote down fun facts about ourselves and our relationship. When it came time to dismiss tables for dinner at the reception, the MC had all the programs put out of site and asked questions about the answers on the back. Whichever table got the answer right first, was excused to eat dinner. It was fun to share some personal information, while making our hungry guests wait in a more entertaining fashion.

wedding program

Let me know of any personal touches you added to your wedding day or are planning to! I love hearing what brides end up including at their wedding.

{Our wedding day was thoroughly documented by Chloe Murdoch. She got a shot of everything. If you are looking for a great photographer, I highly recommend her!}